Gearlanders Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Welcome to the first annual Gearlanders Gift Guide, where we’ll share our team’s top recommendations for the 2022 gift-giving season. We have a great selection of goodies to choose from - at every price point - including some larger ticket items, some great gear storage solutions, all the way down to some great (inexpensive) stocking stuffers. 

"New" FORD Bronco Roof Rack - $1,450

bronco roof rack

Let’s start off with a recommendation for anyone who purchased a shiny new Ford Bronco this year. First of all, congratulations on having such good taste, and well done to Ford for getting models into the dealerships. Through our partnership with San Diego-based BajaRack Adventure Equipment, this one-piece roof rack, which is designed specifically for the 2022 Ford Bronco 4-door hardtop models - just like the vehicle - is rugged, versatile, and very cool. 

What we really like about this roof rack is the sturdy construction, which makes it a rock solid platform for heavier items, like rooftop tents. The installation is simple and does not require any drilling or speciality tools - you might need a second pair of hands, but most folks can get these installed in 30-mins or less. It also comes with a wind deflector to reduce noise on the highway, but it’s also a prime location to bolt a honking great light bar.

Bonus: During the month of November, there is a 20%-off promo running, which will automatically be applied in the cart when you checkout. And if you’re in the greater Phoenix-area, you can even opt for free local pickup.

Portable Grill/Fire Pit - $99.99

Flatpack Grill

Next up is a super-versatile (and practical) portable grill, from our friends at UNO.

We love that you can use this as a fire pit, so campsite clean-up is a snap, or by adding the grate you can use this to cook for the entire family. You can burn either wood, or charcoal giving you even more flexibility on your next camping trip - especially this time of year.   

We’ve been a fan of this grill since we were traveling to Colorado back in August for the Overland Expo event in Loveland. Coming from Arizona, it didn’t occur to us that the temperatures in the mountains of Colorado dropped so quickly at night - in August, mind you! Luckily for us, the portable grill slash fire pit saved (and cooked) our bacon. We were able to place the fire pit in the middle of our camp kitchen and huddle around to stave off the colder temps. True story.

So pick up one of these shiny grills for someone you love this year, and perhaps it will save them from freezing in the mountains!

2-pound Trekker's Cook Set  - $69.99

Trekker's Cook Set

Sticking with the campsite theme, the next recommendation comes from Bob N. from our warehouse, who swears by the Esbit Alcohol cook set and recommends this all-in-one cooking stove for any hiker, backpacker or SUP camper.  Constructed from extremely light, hard anodized aluminum, the set includes a stand that supports the pots, and includes a base for solid fuel tablets and a solid brass alcohol burner.

The alcohol burner is constructed from brass and allows variable temperature control, plus it holds the denatured alcohol in it during transport. Everything can be stored and carried in the large pot, which comes with a mesh bag, and fits compactly in your backpack or dry bag. Pop this on your shopping list this holiday season, and please even the most discerning gear snob.

Garmin Castable Fishfinder - $179.99

Garmin Striker GPS Cast

For the fishing fan on your list, the Garmin Striker fish finder is a small device which you cast out over the water, and as you reel it back in, it shows you what’s under the water on your connected smartphone. With a 200’ range you can take the guess work out of the equation and with an easy to read sonar display on your phone the device shows you exactly where the fish are.

Honestly, it’s a little unfair, but we’ve had some good success using this product this year in places like Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, Big Bear and Tahoe during various camping trips, by GL team members. It’s easy to setup, so you’re not cutting into your precious fishing time messing around with gear. Tie it onto your line, cast out as far as you like (wireless works up to 200’), and get an instant look-see into what’s down there.

HydraPak Force Hydration Pack - $42.00 - $45.00

HydraPak Force water bladder

For the athletes out there, we love the HydraPak line of high-performance water bottles and hydration packs. The HydraPak Force comes in either a 2-liter or 3-liter capacity - yeah, we’re not sure about liters either, so that’s about 68 or 100 ounces in American money :).

We like it because it comes with a 36” drink tube that’s insulted, keeping your water cool on a hot trail run. The bite valve is what they call high-flow, so you’re able to onboard water quickly, when breathing hard. Try doing that with some of the other hydration packs out there, when you’re sucking wind and your heart rate is 168! Add to this, the Force is constructed from heavy-duty TPU, with welded seams so it’s ultra rugged and ready for action. Its great for biking, hiking, SUP paddlers and cross-country skiers - and at prices starting at $42, you’re sure to please.

Hitch Step - $132.00

Tow Hitch Step

This Hitch Step from BodyArmor4x4 will appeal to the more practical folks on your list. 

Fitted to any standard “Class 1” hitch receiver (1.25”), it doubles as a sturdy stepping point to help reach gear on roof racks, bed racks, or inside your tent. It also adds a cushion of protection to the rear bumper, sensitive trailer wiring and your hitch mounting area since it’s made from  really beefy steel. Add strong welds, uni-construction, finished in a handsome black powder coat, and you’ve got yourself a winner. 

Weighing in close to 20 pounds, this thing is a beast and provides an additional recovery anchor point, when you get yourself into sticky situation off-trail. We love it for the looks, the practically of having an extra step at the back, and the fact that folks generally give our trucks a much wider berth in parking lots, for fear of destroying their own vehicle if coming in contact with this. (You can thank us later).

Bike Storage Solved! - $39.95

Wall mounted bike mount

One for the biker on your list, this Rocky Mounts bike storage solution is not only good looking, it also helps keep things organized in your garage, apartment, office or basement.  A simple, yet highly effective way to store your bikes off the ground without the need for bulky hardware. Finished in a durable black powder coat, or brushed stainless, these bike holders are made from stout welded tubular steel, and come with a built-in loop to provide a locking anchor point for a cable or chain.   

Easy to install, with the included hardware (screws, and even a driver). Just find a stud in the wall and you’re good to go in 5-minutes or less. Holds up to 100 pounds, which should be plenty in the age of featherlight bike frames. We like these, because you can line them up and store multiple bikes (nose to toe) in a small space.

Bonus: There is a “Plus” version of this holder, which adds a beefy security chain to secure your frame to the wall, and the optional ball bearings can be tapped into the screw heads, making them next to impossible to unscrew. - $99.95

The Badger Bedroll - $400.00

Camping bedroll

Any veteran on your list will appreciate this one. When we first saw this, we knew it must have been designed by a vet. Who else would figure out how to rollup an entire bed system into one convenient roll. Sure enough, our friends over at BORN Outdoor are ex-US Army and came up with this in a garage, somewhere in Colorado. True story.

We love this one because it takes a fresh take on a classic bedroll. The Badger Bed is a four-season modular sleep system for any outdoor adventure. Designed for comfort and maximum flexibility to fit every individual’s sleep preferences, it’s compatible with most 30-inch inflatable mattresses and sleeping pads. With a weatherproof outer shell, your sheets, mattress and insulation layers stay dust free, and more importantly dry. Everything can be assembled at home, prior to hitting the trails, and rolled up onto the 120-liter portage duffel bag. Trust the vets to come up with this one :).

Kinetic-Energy Tow Rope - $185.00

Kinetic Tow Rope

From our “oh crap” collection this kinetic energy tow rope from Factor55 can help get you out of a ditch, without ripping the nose off your truck. If you’ve ever tried unsticking something solid with a static rope, you’ll know what we mean. This tow rope stretches by about 30%, and lets you basically slingshot your stuck object in any desired direction. Sounds complicated, but this rope stowed away with your emergency gear, or just-in-case storage bin makes good sense.

30 feet long, made from 100% double braided nylon, polymer coated to save you from abrasions, UV protected and waterproof means this is a good investment which will serve the owner well for years to come. Nobody wants to be buried, axle deep in mud on a rainy night without one of these on hand. So even if you only ever use this thing once - you'll be so happy to had one on hand. 

LED Light Pods - $275.00

LED Pod Lights

Moving back to gear upgrades for a truck or weekend off-roader. These versatile Heretic Studio LED Pod or Ditch lights are great for illuminating the sides or rear of your vehicle and can be installed in a variety of places and applications. We ship these units as a pair, and you can choose between spots, floods or have a combo of both. 

These units use US-made Cree LEDs, all the housings are machined from a single block of military-grade billet, circuit boards and laser engraved is all done in-house. Each set of LED lights are then hand-built in Utah, so come with a lifetime warranty. We love these lights because you can beat the living heck out of them, and they’ll still shine up nice when back from the trails. 

Bonus: Best of all, these lights are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!

So, that concludes this year's list. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful customers, partners, and staff - and wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

See you on the trails in 2023!