Vehicle Recovery Kit

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Vehicle Recovery Kit

Vehicle Recovery Kit

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Factor 55 introduces the industry’s first vehicle recovery kit featuring all components MADE IN THE USA.

This kit, focused on kinetic recovery, is intended for use with trucks and SUVs. All of the parts have the necessary WLL and breaking strengths clearly marked. Packed with the essential tools to safely recover a vehicle in kinetic energy scenarios.

Complete with Factor 55’s Ultimate Recovery Gear Bag, made out of Paraffin waxed canvas, medium-sized to nest neatly with your other gear. This Recovery Kit will fold flat when unzipped, allowing you to easily locate the equipment you need depending on your recovery scenario.

This kit is designed for the non-winch-equipped offroader, overlander, or Military/SAR/First Responder.

Kit includes:

• 2 Standard Duty Soft Shackles 10”
• 1 Factor 55 Recovery Gear Bag (Medium)
• 1 Kinetic Rope 7/8″ x 30 ft
• 1 Basic Guide to Kinetic Recovery
• 2 Individual Strap Wraps

Bag Fully Loaded- 12 lbs