Upgrade Your Tacoma 3rd Gen for Ultimate Adventures

Welcome to the exclusive realm of our "Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen (2016 - 2023)" collection. For Tacoma drivers seeking to elevate their off-road and overlanding experiences, Gearlanders presents a meticulously curated selection of upgrades to transform your truck into the ultimate adventure companion. From rugged steel bumpers and rock sliders to tailored air mattresses and versatile roof racks, we've assembled everything you need to conquer the trail.

Unleash Your Tacoma's Potential: Explore a range of premium upgrades designed specifically for your Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen

Steel Bumpers (Front/Winch & Rear): Amp up your Tacoma's durability with steel bumpers that offer superior protection, accommodating winches and enhancing its off-road prowess. Improved approach and exit angles come with the added benefit of sturdy recovery points - don't forget your shackles

Rock Sliders: Safeguard your truck's tender rocker covers and door frames with beefy rock sliders that provide essential protection against harsh terrains while adding a rugged aesthetic. Yeah, these look good, and will save your butt in the long run

Tacoma-Specific Air Mattresses: Experience a restful night's sleep with these Luno 2 Air Mattresses tailored to fit the Tacoma's bed - short or long, ensuring comfort during your outdoor excursions.

Bed Racks & Roof Racks: Maximize your hauling capacity with bed and roof racks, allowing you to carry essential gear and equipment for any adventure. Tacomas are awesome transporters of mountain bikes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and much more, so pick the solution that best suits your needs.

Roof Rack Accessories: Enhance your vehicle's capabilities with accessories such as storage cases, fuel/water tanks, spare wheel mounts, and recovery board attachments, making every journey more versatile.

Light Bars & LED Lights: Illuminate the path ahead with powerful light bars, ditch lights and LED cube lights, ensuring visibility in challenging environments, day or night.

GMRS Radios: Stay connected even in remote locations with GMRS radios, facilitating seamless communication with your group and offering peace of mind. We stock Tacoma-ready kits that come with everything you need on one box - how simple is that. And if you want to know more about getting setup, check out this post "Overlanding: Solar Power Setups"

Elevate Your Adventure: Our "Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen" collection is an ode to off-road enthusiasts who demand both functionality and style. With products tailored to your Tacoma's specifications, you'll experience the ultimate upgrade in performance and aesthetics.

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