Enjoy Outdoor Slumber: Explore our Sleeping Collection

Welcome to our "Sleeping" collection – a sustainable haven enriched with innovative features, tailored for the best uses during your outdoor adventures. At Gearlanders, we're committed to merging comfort, sustainability, and innovation to create the ultimate sleeping experience. Whether you're a backpacker, camper, hiker, mountaineer, bikepacker, or paddler, our carefully curated range of sleeping essentials ensures you wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day, no matter where your journey takes you.

Sleep Soundly, Sleep Sustainably, Sleep Innovatively:

Immerse yourself in a world of comfort, innovation, and versatility with our diverse array of sleeping gear, each designed to excel in different outdoor pursuits:

Ultralight Sleeping Bags: For backpackers who prize efficiency, our ultralight sleeping bags with puffy designs and water-resistant down are your companions on long treks.

Synthetic Sleeping Bags: Campers rejoice – our water-resistant synthetic sleeping bags provide warmth and dry comfort during your nights under the stars.

Mummy-Style Bags: Hikers, enjoy the warmth and wearable features of mummy-style bags, keeping you cozy and mobile as you conquer the trails. Lower temperature bags typically come with a hood and drawcords to keep you warmer.

Down/Synthetic Blends: For mountaineers, our responsibly-sourced down bags with water-resistant features offer luxurious warmth at high altitudes. Choose from a wide range of temperature ratings - from Below 0 to 40 degrees and above.

Sleeping Pads: Bikepackers, ensure a restful night with our insulated sleeping pads, perfect for keeping dry and warm during damp and cold conditions. We carry self-inflating sleeping pads, air pads, closed-cell foam pads - sorted by size and R-Value

Waterproof Sleeping Pads: Paddlers, stay comfortable during your waterborne adventures with waterproof sleeping pads, providing a barrier from you and the cold ground.

Blankets, Pillows + Bag Liners: No matter your pursuit, our blankets, pillows and bag liners made from organic fibers offer a touch of home, enhancing comfort in every scenario.

Men's Woman's + Kids Bags: Every adventurer, big or small, is covered with sleeping bags designed for men, women and children, ensuring comfort, fit and versatility for all.

Awaken Rejuvenated, Explore Adventurously:

Our "Sleeping" collection embodies our commitment to merging outdoor exploration with comfort, sustainability, and innovation. Whether you're backpacking, camping, hiking, mountaineering, bikepacking, or paddling, you'll find tailored solutions that elevate your outdoor sleep experience.

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